Dear Fellow Business Owner,

When I started Compunet Technologies over 20 years ago I wanted it to be an IT company that small businesses could trust in and rely on to handle all their IT needs. My faith as a Christian and my time in the military have taught me many things; work hard and always give your best, be honest in both words and actions, do the right thing even when it costs, have a servant’s heart, keep your promises, take responsibility for your actions, stay humble, be respectful and kind to others, and many other values I strive to live by. I work hard to ensure my company exemplifies those same values, as well.

We carry out those values by focusing on the everyday little things like listening to and then striving to exceed our clients’ expectations, giving our all in everything that we do, treating our client employees kindly and fairly, taking responsibility for all of our work, and by being willing to come back free of charge to fix our work when it hasn’t met a client’s expectations. We want to prove ourselves in the little things so that we can earn your trust with the big things.

I think IT is personal. It’s not just business, it’s YOUR business. You have worked hard to build your business and you want it to grow and succeed. You use technology to run much of your business. You want it to work consistently and reliably. Your employees rely on it to stay productive. You want to know for sure your company’s information is safe and secure. You care deeply about your business. You want your IT company to care as well. My company is focused on coming along side of you and providing you with the personal service you desire. We let you give up your “IT hat” so you can focus more on running your business. I become your personal CIO, my company becomes your IT department. We learn your business and look for ways to improve your business through technology. We make your business personal to us.

I enjoy finding new companies to work with and provide  excellent and personal IT Service to. In working with many small businesses the past twenty years, I’ve gained the understanding that my company is not the right fit for everyone. I am looking to work with business owners who feel like they are in one of these boats…

  • You are tired of your CHRONIC IT issues and want things done RIGHT, not cheap.
  • You are concerned with the rising costs of your IT services.
  • You are tired of being left in the dark with your technology and need some peace of mind.
  • You are tired of your current “IT Guy” who never returns your calls, takes weeks to get jobs done, and things still never seem to work.
  • You are just running short on time because of your expanding business and need to hand over the reins of your IT management to someone you can trust.

If this is you, I encourage you to call my office so we can discuss the frustrations you are experiencing. If you are not quite ready to talk, please download my free report on the 16 Critical Questions You MUST Ask Before Hiring any IT Company. These questions will help assure you that you are getting the absolute best service from a competent and trustworthy IT Company.

Looking forward to serving you,

Michael Leonard