Downtime is real and it’s costly. How costly exactly?

Depending on the size of the organization, the cost per hour of downtime is anywhere from $9,000-$700,000.

On average, a business will lose around $164,000 per hour of downtime. The numbers speak for themselves.

What causes downtime?

Network outages and human error account for between 50% and 60% of downtime. Meanwhile, natural disasters account for just 10% of downtime.
If you’ve been putting off data protection because your organization is located far from any inclement weather, be warned: the bigger threat to your data is inside of your company, not Mother Nature.

What happens when disaster strikes?

Businesses must scramble to retrieve important data.
According to IDG, it takes around 7 hours to resume normal operations after a data loss incident, and almost 20% of the time it takes even longer 11 to 24+ hours.

Small wonder that more than 90% of businesses fail within two years after being struck by a disaster says the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

So what’s a business to do?

A backup is good, but an Intelligent Business Continuity solution is the most important service you could ever sign up for. It’s the only way to keep your business running during a disaster.

  • A backup solution is a good first step. It answers the question: is my data safe?
  • Business continuity is even more important to consider as it answers the question: how quickly can I get my business operating again in case of disaster?

For example, if your server dies, you wouldn’t be able to quickly get back to work if you only had a file-level backup. Your server would need to be replaced, software and data re-installed, and the whole system would need to be configured with your settings and preferences. This process could take days.

Can your business afford to lose that time?

Our Intelligent Business Continuity solution is an image-based local and cloud backup. Instead of backing up just your files, it captures an image of all your data in its environment.

Thus, you have exact replications of what is stored on a server— including the operating system, configurations, settings, and preferences. If a server goes down, you can restore it in minutes, rather than the hours or days it would take to requisition a new server and install and configure the operating system.

With Our Intelligent Business Continuity solution in place, you’ll benefit in a number of ways. Here’s how:

  • Plan for Unexpected Issues – Just like life insurance protects people against life’s tragedies, our Intelligent Business Continuity solution helps you secure your data from disaster and keeps your business running without skipping a beat. Unexpected issues can happen to anyone, and they can happen at any time. Make sure your business is protected today.
  • Safeguard and Defend Your Business – Because our Intelligent Business Continuity solution is a hybrid-cloud solution we’ve got you covered. Your data is first copied and stored on a local device. That way, if something happens, you can do a fast and easy restore from that device. But then your data is also replicated in the cloud. So, if anything happens to that local device, you’ve got off-site cloud copies of your data we can restore from.
  • Don’t Wait Long for Recovery – With our image-based backups, if your server goes down, it can be back up and running in minutes, rather than hours or days. When disaster strikes, your business can continue to thrive and grow without losing clients.

Compunet Technologies has been the trusted partner serving businesses in Rancho Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, and throughout Orange County for over 20 years. That means you can trust us to create an Intelligent Business Continuity solution that’s tailored to your unique business.

Get started using our Intelligent Business Continuity solution now – call today and stop worrying about the unexpected ruining your business.