The IT Equivalent Of A Good Auto Mechanic!

We have contracted with Compunet for all our IT services including selection and maintenance of our in-house and remote servers, our individual desktops and laptops, our Microsoft Office 365 service and support, our office connectivity, and even our third party, company-specific software packages (RPMS, SFDC).  This approach has enabled us to focus on what we do best – selling specialized electronics – while Compunet manages ALL our computer needs. In the past, we outsourced only selection and support of our in-house server, while we handled the management and connectivity of our desktops and laptops ourselves.  The result was “managed chaos” simply because we did not have a single reliable person capable of managing a complex network of computers.  We had hoped to save money with this earlier approach, but the mess we generated by “saving money” always cost us more in the end. Compunet Technologies is reliable, knowledgeable and affordable.  Michael is the IT equivalent of a good auto mechanic.  He doesn’t repair what doesn’t need repairing and doesn’t try to sell you what you don’t need to buy.  He simply ensures your car always starts and runs well when you turn the key.