Is your current phone system geared towards a different business size, or do you find your phone network ceasing to work suddenly sometimes? Due to excellent improvements to the VOIP service in Orange County over the past few years, you can now benefit from upgrading to Compunet Technologies’s improved services. With our cloud-based phone and fax system, you will be able to customize your plan so your needs are met and exceeded.

Join Compunet Technologies’s VOIP services today and benefit from an exceptional cloud-based phone and fax system that has:

  • Features that you’ll use – iOS and Android apps enable the use of smartphones and tablets as business phones and Softphone software can be installed on your Mac or PC. Your cloud-based phone system integrates with SalesForce, Box, Dropbox, Google docs, and Microsoft Apps.
  • The ability to take on your company’s workload – your cloud-based phone system provides seamless integration of multiple offices, remote employees, and multiple devices. It offers easy-to-use, centralized management of all phones and offices through a single interface. As your business grows, you can easily add users or offices in just minutes.
  • Low-cost and easy to install – You’ll have a complete cloud business phone system with advanced capabilities for an all inclusive, simple, low monthly price. We offer a wide variety of Plug & Ring ready, pre-configured IP desk and conference phones.

If you’re current phone system isn’t cutting it and you’d like to move to a modern, advanced cloud-based phone system, call us today, and let us help you make the switch.