data storage computer partsComputer mistakes come in all types; spelling errors, emailing unintended recipients, spilling liquid on laptops, and many more. Though many of these top the list, the one mistake many businesses make without knowing until it’s too late is not having a proper and tested backup of their data.

A proper backup is often the one thing lacking in businesses that experience a hard drive failure or disaster. Though natural disasters such as floods, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, or any other type of natural disaster can occur at any time, a hard drive failure is much more likely to occur and impact a business causing data loss.

No matter what the cause, many people are left scratching their heads and wondering just how they can recover years of information, tax documents, customer records, sales orders, accounts receivables and much more when a failure or disaster occurs. The chances of recovering information without a backup is slim to none and recovery efforts requiring forensic-type solutions can run in the thousands of dollars without any guarantee of recovery.

The good news is there are new robust and affordable backup and disaster recovery solutions on the market that can guarantee that business information stays safe. These new solutions disregard the tape-based products of old that were unreliable and required daily user intervention and provides businesses with automated and highly reliable backups with zero user intervention.

Making the mistake of not having a proper backup before a failure or disaster occurs should be at the top of the list of fixes for business owners and managers for this year. Our team can help come up with a plan to make sure this impending issue does not cause data or information loss to occur and keeps your business up and running without significant downtime.

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