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Do The Four P’s Still Rule Marketing Thinking?

The title posts a perfectly fair and legitimate question. With so much in our world changing so quickly, it’s often good to check even our most basic, bedrock assumptions to […]

How To Make Money By Giving Things Away For Free

Profiting via giveaways works in retail outlets to this day. Create a “loss leader” to lure people into the store – this would either be a free product or something […]

How to Use A Simple Walk To Get Your Creativity Flowing

If you get the itch to amble over to the window or wander down to the break room when you hit a creative wall it may be you should give […]

The Secret Of Writing A Really Effective Financial Business Plan

The secret to writing a financial business plan that gets you financed – which is the real measure of its success – is to stay organized and concise. Exactly how […]

Modular Smart Phones – Technology To Rock Your World

It’s a dream come true for every kid who owned a Lego set growing up. The idea of a “modular” phone. Thank Google for it when it hits the market, […]

How To Avoid Procrastination Today (Not Tomorrow)

Procrastination is a tricky habit to break but it is far from impossible. First you need to determine why you put things off. Next you want to develop a plan […]

The Number One Computer Mistake Businesses Make

Computer mistakes come in all types; spelling errors, emailing unintended recipients, spilling liquid on laptops, and many more. Though many of these top the list, the one mistake many businesses […]

You Can’t Plan If You Don’t Measure

Information is power, but it is also much more than simply that. It is the first principle of business, and as such, it must form the foundation of all your […]

Sending Your Help Desk to India? You might want to reconsider.

In the 1980′s, outsourcing, “right sizing,” and off-shoring was all the rage, but if you’re currently thinking about locating your Help Desk to India, rethink it. You missed the outsourcing […]

Nine Things You Should Never Post About On Facebook

Sometimes, it seems like the whole world is on Facebook, and it’s certainly true that if it were its own country, it would be far and away the largest, most […]


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